fonduesurvey – To Win $100 Gift Card – Melting Pot Fondue Survey

fonduesurvey – The name of this company is Fonduesurvey provides a reward of $100 to its customer when they complete their survey in this restaurant. An online questionnaire for Melting Pot’s Guest Happiness Survey, available at, enables companies to analyze customer satisfaction.


fonduesurvey – To Win $100 Gift Card – Melting Pot Fondue Survey

Knowing whether or not customers are happy with the products or services they get is crucial information for any organization. 

Survey Name Melting Pot Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey Official Website
Survey Prize Fondue For a Year
Entry Method By Online
Receipt Valid 7 days from receipt date
Survey Limit One per person per receipt

In this way, the company will learn more about its customers’ needs and desires and begin to realize them. Twelve $100 gift cards are up for grabs, and you’ll be entered into the drawing. 

How to Take Melting Pot Fondue Survey

  • Take the MPG satisfaction survey by visiting
  • Input the survey code printed on your Melting Pot receipt to begin the fondue experience evaluation process.
  • Surveys may be completed in any language utilizing the website’s translation features if you don’t understand English.
  • Next, customers will ask about their experience using the Melting Pot questionnaire.
  • This restaurant’s patrons’ most recent experiences will be evaluated on a scale from “pleased” to “unsatisfied” by the survey’s researchers.
  • Melting Pot customers will enquire about the restaurant’s cleanliness, decor, and staff’s demeanor.
  • To conclude their time at this melting pot, visitors will be invited to jot down any concerns, grievances, or issues they encounter.
  • Lastly, consumers will have the chance to win a year’s supply of free fondue.
  • Enter your receipt’s access code to get into the system.
  • The launch of your survey has now occurred.
  • Responding to the question will give you a score.
  • Your most recent visit will be the focus of all of the questions.
  • Be truthful in your answer.
  • For a chance to win the Melting Pot contest, please provide your email address.
  • Lastly, you’ll have a chance to win a $100 Melting Pot gift card in the sweepstakes.


Melting Pot Fondue Survey Benefits and Rewards

A chance to win a reward will be available to you after completing the Melting Pot Fondue Survey, so don’t miss out. 

You also need to earn a year’s worth of fondue to win the competition.

To be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes and win one of twelve $100 gift cards, a user must first complete a survey.

If you use this promo code again, you’ll get a $100 Melting Pot gift card.

You may win a $100 Melting Pot Gift Card by taking the Melting Pot Fondue Feedback Survey to join the Sweepstakes. A year’s supply of fondue is also required.


Terms and conditions Melting Pot Fondue Survey

For your convenience, below are the rules and regulations for the Melting Pot Fondue Guest Survey and sweepstakes.

  • A receipt from a Melting Pot Fondue purchase is required to participate in an online survey.
  • English or Spanish language skills are essential.
  • Each family is only eligible to win one Grand Prize.
  • The Sweepstakes may only be entered once per month per customer.
  • To get a prize, the winner must accept it in the form given.
  • During the contest time, answer the survey questions.
  • To access the fonduesurvey survey, you’ll need to provide your most recent Melting Pot receipt.
  • These users are expected to converse in simple English with one other. 
  • At least thirteen years old is required to participate in Fondue Survey’s customer satisfaction survey at
  • The fondue poll excludes family members, sponsors, subsidiaries, and workers.
  • A whole year’s supply of free fondue can’t be sold or given away by the recipient.


About the Melting Pot Fondue Survey

With 142 locations in the United States and one in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta), the casual dining chain is owned by Front Burner Brands and headquartered in Tampa, Florida. There are now wines, salads, meat and seafood dishes, and a wide selection of dipping sauces available on the menu.

Caquelons, or fondue pots, are large communal pots with a burner on top that may be lit with a candle or a tiki torch for serving fondue. It is traditionally eaten with long-stemmed forks and bread dipped into the cheese.



What matters most is how pleased customers are with the service or products from this company. This Fondue survey is being performed online for your convenience.

Even though it may seem a waste of time, providing feedback is essential for your career and employer. Because of this, you can express what you don’t like or love about the product so that the company understands the customer’s demands and then works to fulfill them.

Adapting their business model due to the feedback collected will be made easier with the help of the suggestions received from the public. 

However, the firm wants to hear from the most vociferous workers. Consequently, the Melting Pot guest satisfaction survey is an excellent example of an online study that can get candid feedback from many people.

This survey will help the organization understand more about the preferences and dissatisfaction of its customers.

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fonduesurvey FAQs

  • How many days must I contact the sponsor from the date of notice of winning the Sweepstakes?

Answer- You must return the relevant paperwork to the sponsor within seven days. If you wait too long, your reward will be lost, and the next possible winner will be chosen.

  • What is the maximum number of entries allowed per household?

Answer- The Sweepstakes is only open to one individual per household, and there are no more bulk entries available.

  • Is it required to buy anything to enter the sweepstakes?

Answer- Yes, you must buy if you want to complete a survey since you won’t be allowed to take the survey without a legitimate receipt from the restaurant.

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